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Method Studios is an award-winning visual effects and post production group that offers strategic and creative services dedicated to the local and international advertising community.

Collaboration is at the core of everything we do, whether it be directors, creative agencies or direct to brands. We like being challenged irrespective of broadcast platform as we are just as inventive with our workflow solutions as we are with our craft.

We work to a unique business model in Australia compared to our other international studios by offering editorial and colour grading alongside design and concept-art, digital visual effects and animation, stereoscopic production and compositing.

Our Australian locations consist of a brand new studio in Sydney's beautiful and historic waterside district of Walsh Bay and a studio in South Melbourne.

Each of our studios are self-sufficient and agile enough to adapt quickly to the special needs of local and international projects. We draw on our diverse talent pool from around the country and internationally to ensure you have the right artists working on your projects, large or small.

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